Jeremiah Jeffrey Minich “Jake”


Applying molecular biology, genomics, and microbial ecology to improve aquaculture sustainability

10+ years experience in governmental research, biotech start up, pharmaceutical, and academia settings primarily working in genetics, genomics, and microbiome fields in context to aquaculture and fisheries.

• Well-rounded publication & presentation record demonstrating scholarly achievement along with written and oral abilities
• Productive independent researcher with excellent communication and team skills
• Experience in project management including training/overseeing students

I completed my PhD in Marine Biology at Scripps Institute of Oceanography in 2020: advised by Rob Knight and Eric Allen. My primary interest is in solving food security problems through sustainable aquaculture. Microbes intricately linked to aquatic host health through disease and nutrition. By studying these interactions in natural settings, we can develop and then test hypotheses experimentally. To begin answering these questions, I’ve helped develop methods for high throughput metagenomics for diverse sample types including low biomass samples. I will continue to seek out new and interesting opportunities in biotechnology and genomics with an eye to aquaculture applications.