Jeremiah Jeffrey Minich

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Molecular/Genomics biologist with 8 years direct experience in governmental research, biotech, academic, and pharmaceutical settings primarily working in genomics applications.

  • Well-rounded publication & presentation record demonstrating scholarly achievement along with written and oral abilities
  • Productive independent researcher with excellent communication and team skills
  • Can interact effectively with geneticists, molecular biologists and computational biologists
  • Experience in project management including training/overseeing students

 PhD, Marine Biology
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, San Diego CA

 San Diego State University, San Diego CA 08/2016
M.S. Cellular & Molecular Biology, GPA 3.85
GRE Scores: Math: 160-78%, Verbal: 158-79%, Writing: 5.5-98%
Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego CA 5/2010
B.S. Biochemistry, minor in Spanish, GPA 3.0
West Perry Senior High School, Elliottsburg PA   6/2005
HONORS:     Fulbright Student Scholar (Malawi) 1/2015-9/2015
SDSU Scholars without Borders Honor Society 9/2013-6/2014
Harold & June Grant Memorial Scholarship 5/2014 & 5/2013
Genomics Fellowship College of Charleston (denied) 5/2012
Best student poster presentation SETAC, Merida Mexico 8/2011
Best student poster (top 5) 34th annual WCBSRC 5/2009
Eagle Scout Award 7/2004

UCSD SIO Marine Biology Research Division: Knight lab and Allen lab
Rob Knight (Professor Pediatrics & Computer Science)
Eric Allen (Associate Professor Marine Biology & Biology)
I am investigating the marine fish microbiomes to understand how trophic level, habitat    preference, body site, and host taxonomy drives the microbial community in fish from California. I am also investigating the temporal and seasonal variation of the microbiome     on an ecologically and commercially important forage fish.

UCSD Pediatrics Department: Knight Lab                                          
            PI: Rob Knight, Professor School of Medicine and Computer Science

I am helping to develop methodologies for low biomass biological samples in the Knight     lab pipeline. These techniques will enable studies to explore the microbiome of host blood and brain material among other environments where low numbers of bacteria exist.

            Human microbiome, 16s 18s metagenomics, high throughput

US Fulbright Student, Malawi Africa          1/2015-8/2015

National Aquaculture Center & Bunda College

Contact: Dr. Hastings Zidana, Director of National Aquaculture Center Malawi
Project 1: I helped an orphanage develop a fish farm aquaponics system to grow tilapia and catfish while irrigating to grow tomatoes and other vegetables. I trained secondary students from this orphanage by taking them to the National Aquaculture Center to take over the project upon leaving.

Project 2: I evaluated 6 different animal manures for the effects on water quality and fish production (tilapia and catfish in polyculture). I am using 16s and 18s metagenomics in the Knight lab to evaluate how these manure treatments and fish health correspond to bacteria and algae in the water and fish GI tract..

Diplomacy, Project management, experimental design, bacterial and eukaryote metagenomes, MiSeq, 18s &16s sequencing, aquaculture


SDSU Biology Department: Dinsdale Lab                                           8/2012-present

PI: Elizabeth Dinsdale, Associate Professor Cell & Molecular Biology, Ecology, Computer Science Departments

For my Masters Degree, I am studying the effects of global climate change factors of elevated temperature and CO2 on an ecologically important macroalgae, Macrocystis pyrifera. I am using microbial ecology principles to evaluate the change in the bacterial community associated with this macroalgae on the frond surface and in the surrounding water column as a response to these abiotic factors. I have learned sampling methodologies in the field for studying microbial communities along with the entire molecular pipeline for sequencing samples using 454, Ion Torrent PGM, and the Illumina MiSeq platforms.

Microbial ecology, marine biology, experimental design, shotgun
metagenomes, Next Generation Sequencing, genomics, bioinformatics

Abbott Laboratories, Carlsbad CA   3/2012-12/2014

NGS Genomics Scientist Level IV: R&D New Technologies Group Mentor/Boss: Todd P. Michael (Senior Principal Scientist)

Project 1: I helped develop ultraclean DNA& RNA extraction and Whole Genome

Amplification protocols for microbial forensics using Ion Torrent sequencing.

Project 2: We   utilized a variety of novel genomics methods such as bisulfite DNA sequencing, noncoding RNA, mRNA, and total RNA sequencing to study neuro-     epigenetics. I helped develop and optimize the Illumina sequencing pipeline.

 NGS: Ion Torrent Sequencing, Illumina MiSeq & HiSeq Sequencing, library           preparation, Bioanalyzer, WGA, qPCR, qRT-PCR, Qubit, Nucleic Acid Extraction

AquaBounty Technologies, Mira Mesa CA
Intern-Volunteer                       5/2011-1/2012

Mentor: Jason Stannard (VP Operations, Center for Aquaculture Technologies)
I investigated drug delivery methods in invertebrates utilizing RNAi, gene expression, and microscopy. I helped design and assemble dsRNA products through cloning. I use qPCR and rtPCR to quantify changes in gene expression and transcript presence.

RNA extraction/quantification, cDNA synthesis, dsRNA molecule design, cloning, rtPCR, qPCR, primer design, RE digestion/gel excision, plasmid extraction
NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center, La Jolla CA                  9/2009-3/2012 Scientist I: Marine Mammal Genetics Group

Mentor/Boss: Barb Taylor

I worked on numerous projects leading to two publications and 1 poster presentation.
For three years, I helped process marine mammal strandings by performing necropsies on deceased dolphins and pinnipeds. I also participated on several research cruises and other field work throughout the Pacific Coast.
DNA extraction/quantification (nano drop, Tecan plate reader-pico green), qPCR Taqman and SYBR assays, PCR, gel electrophoresis, liquid handling robotics, Sanger sequencing, outreach, stranding necropsies, data/project management


2nd Annual Seriola workshop, NOAA SWFSC La Jolla USA 1/2018
World Aquaculture Society International, Cape Town South Africa 7/2017
Center for Microbiome Innovation Annual Seminar, UCSD, USA 02/2017
Changing Microbiomes for Health Symposium, UCSD 12/2016
ISME Conference, Montreal 08/2016
Neuroscience meeting, San Diego 11/2013
CSU Cell & Molecular Biology Graduate Seminar, SDSU 04/2013
Ion World (Ion Torrent Next Generation Sequencing) 10/2012
Next Gen Gene Expression Workshop-Transcriptomics, Salk 09/2011
SETAC/SER Conference, Merida Mexico 08/2011
16th PRIMO Conference 05/2011
NIH Genomics Symposium, TSRI 03/2011
2nd Annual Marine Mammal Symposium 01/2011
CA Science Advisory Panel for contaminants of emerging concern, SCCWRP 09/2010
South Coast MPA monitoring workshop, SIO 08/2010
Aquaculture 2010: Triennial meeting, San Diego 03/2010
34th  annual West Coast Biological Sciences Research Conference, PLNU 04/2009