Microbiome methods development
– Quantifying well to well contamination in genomics studies
– low biomass microbiome research: 16S and metagenomics
– high-throughput low cost, miniaturized pipeline using robotics

Natural drivers of fish microbiomes
– time series of Pacific chub mackerel (gill, skin, GI) from SIO pier 2017 – present
– Southern California marine fish microbiome diversity project

Manipulation of fish microbiomes
– Malawi rural fish pond projects: effects of manure fertilizer types on pond ecology and fish performance
– Fish microbiome knock out
– Fish microbiome knock in

Applications to fisheries and aquaculture
– RAS vs flow-through systems: microbial dysbiosis in Atl salmon and Yellowtail kingfish
– Southern Bluefin Tuna: microbial ecology of parasite infections from heart flukes
– Following microbiome colonization and stability from hatchery to sea cage production in yellowtail kingfish